Most people who come to me for yoga do so for two very different reasons. Some are so stressed out and experiencing so much tension in their bodies they realize they must finally try this “yoga thing”. Others have done yoga previously and are seeking a deeper understanding of the practice, the postures, and the mind-body connection.

Both are desiring a transformation and both will come to develop the outer benefits of improved flexibility, strength, balance, and mindfulness that brings with it a greater competency in their practice and the inner unity and peace they long to experience… plus, they’ll be able to do cool poses!

They soon learn this is a process of learning and unlearning. Though it’s challenging, they are willing to be silent, introspective, and listen to their bodies. They thrive on the detailed work we do because they know each detail is an intricate piece of the puzzle that leads to their ultimate yoga practice.

The blissed-out, zen-like experience that mixes with feeling physically pushed to their edges then massaged back into relaxation keeps them wanting more. And they appreciate equally the inner harmony, the peace of mind and spirit, and the new-found ability to touch their toes that yoga can create when they practice diligently.

They are ready for a safe space of growth and non-judgment…

Maybe you are, too.

Yoga Exploration

Practice mindful breathing

Move through basic poses

Develop Balance and stillness

Experience flexibility of Body & Mind

Whether you desire ongoing personal guidance, to engage in a home practice on your own or to feel more confident when you visit a class, our sessions will meet you right where you are. As your practice develops you’ll find within yourself deep strength, suppleness, balance, and resilience – these qualities will be transformational experiences of the mind, body, and spirit.

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