Transformation Course

One-On-One Online Transformation Course

It’s time to take C.H.A.R.G.E. of your life!

This Powerful Course is your opportunity to transform negative mind chatter, break free from diet dogma, and end your affair with fitness fads that have kept you trapped in destructive food and fitness cycles eroding your health, happiness and confidence to succeed year after year.

During the coming weeks you will discover a lot of valuable information about yourself — things that may be difficult to face — like your relationship with food, your mindset toward exercise, and your outlook on life.

Ultimately what you discover will be key to helping you break free from the prison of your own destructive patterns — and I will give you all the tools and support to help you do it!

During this life-changing course you will learn to take C.H.A.R.G.E. of your life and build a solid foundation for healing your relationship with yourself by healing your relationship with food and fitness.

The Transformation Course is a one-on-one opportunity to develop your unique journey through individual accountability, customized coaching, and personalized goal setting with loving, compassionate support every step of the way. You and Missi will work one-on-one weekly to assess your life and your level of openness to change. Through your struggles and your triumphs you’ll learn to invite abundance and realize life transformation without force, fear or drudgery.

In Phase One, we’ll build Curiosity by asking the right questions so you gain a better understanding of yourself and how to set strong commitments and achievable goals. We’ll use Honesty to help build accountability, knowing that the more honest we are with ourselves, the more likely we will be able to recognize, respond to and adapt our behavior until we get it right. And in order to do this, we’ll need to create Awareness for our thoughts, words and behaviors.

In Phase Two, you’ll discover how to incorporate Respect in order to uphold your personal values and make sustainable changes in the areas you most need it and in Phase Three you’ll learn to express Gratitude as you experience wins each and every day.

Finally, in Phase Four, you’ll get to pay it forward. The transformative healing and freedom you’ll experience during this process will begin to radiate out of you, shaping not only your relationship with yourself but also those around you. Your Energy impacts this world like ripples on a pond – the energy or state of being you bring to every encounter matters and extends far beyond that moment in its effects on others’ lives.

This is not a quick fix. This is a process. That’s why we’re diving deeper than just physical transformation. True health and lasting fitness begin on the inside starting with a commitment to taking care of your mind and heart. Once you establish a strong foundation for self-awareness and respect you’ll experience true personal change. Strength and fitness will follow.

Key Program Foundations:

Learn to respect and reconnect with your body’s signals for nourishment on all levels; understand your body’s sensations.

Realize which thoughts, words and behaviors are keeping you stuck in a destructive cycle that is damaging your health, happiness and peace of mind.

Reflect through self-discovery.

Reframe and refocus your perception of life situations.

Reward yourself often; celebrate your achievements!

Understand the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual energies within yourself so you’ll recognize what drains you and what fills you up.

Transform how you show up in the world by deepening connections all around you. A natural effect of healing yourself is healing your relationships with others.

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“True beauty is having the grace to make mistakes then choosing to see them as opportunities for growth, for understanding, for refinement – for always evolving.”

Missi Bantner
Personalized Fitness & Nutrition Therapy