Nutrition Therapy

Restoring your relationship with food starts by developing present-minded awareness. The moment you choose to pay attention a cellular shift occurs and your body begins to heal. Restoring harmony with food, digestion, metabolism, hormones, body image, and self-confidence is accomplished by choosing to understand your needs instead of outsourcing them to another diet or fad weight-loss system.  


Experiencing your body as it gains strength, balance, coordination, power, and stamina is exhilarating! Our sessions are about honoring your energy, having fun and learning just how capable and resilient your body is when fitness is customized. No cookie-cutter approaches here. Our sessions are flexible and adaptable as you learn to move your body in ways that are inviting, feel good, and meet your goals for long-term fitness and health.


Restoring function is empowering! Our brain-focused approach to movement gives us a unique opportunity to understand your brain’s perception of movement based on your life experience. We re-educate joint motion, restore muscle and nerve function, and integrate your major movement systems (vision, vestibular and proprioceptive) to strengthen brain connections that reduce pain and make movement safe so that you can perform at a high level – in all areas of life.  


Yoga means Union. Creating a union between body and breath quiets the mind so that peace is restored. Relieving stress, anxiety, depression, and body tensions are the main reasons people find yoga, but the experience of inner peace, intuition, and clarity are what inspire people to deepen their practice on and off the mat. As your practice develops you’ll find in yourself deep strength, suppleness, balance, and resilience – these qualities will be transformational experiences of the mind, body, and spirit.

Emotional Freedom Experience

Feelings are emotions being expressed through sensations in our bodies – that is why they are called feelings. When we decide (or are taught) that certain emotions are unacceptable to feel they get stifled, stuffed, and stored. The result is a feeling of heaviness, overwhelm, chaos, depression, and anxiety. Our sessions will gently guide you to dislodge stored emotions, release old patterns, and create a sense of safety in your body.