Service Agreements

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I understand that Missi Bantner holds the following credentials.

Certified Personal Trainer through the nationally accredited certifying body, National

Strength and Conditioning Association

Certified Master Nutrition Therapist through the Nutrition Therapy Institute

Certified Movement Re-education and Integration Specialist (EEP, R-Phase, I-Phase) and Exercise Therapist (T-Phase) through Z-Health Performance Solutions

Certified 200-hour Yoga Instructor through YogaWorks

Certified TRX and RipCore Practitioner by Fitness Anywhere

CTT Certified Turbulence Trainer

CPR and AED certified by American Heart Association

And thus, shall work within the defined scope of these certifications. I understand that Missi Bantner is not a licensed physician or psychologist.

I understand that fitness training will include the implementation of new training modalities, including but not limited to, re-learning key foundational movement and breathing mechanics to enhance fitness competency and limit risk of injury. I understand that as I progress I will experience changes in my strength, endurance, lung capacity, balance and stamina. I understand that fitness training through Whole Life Health is a customized, detailed process of unlearning and relearning proper form, breathing mechanics, power generation, core engagement and system integration.

I understand that nutritional therapy may include, but is not limited to, the implementation of progressively healthier habits due to the development of personal awareness as it pertains to the impact of the intake of foods, food-like substances, liquids, supplements, drugs, energy, thoughts, words, media, etc. I understand the goal of nutrition therapy is to positively impact a healthier relationship with all forms of nourishment, and therefore, a healthier relationship with myself. I understand there will be a customized process of change and growth including, but not limited to, the assessment and adjustment of home, social and work environments regarding personal goals for nutrition therapy, developing the insight of how limiting beliefs about the past, present and future may contribute to current states of disease, and the willingness to examine oneself with honesty, respect and grace. I understand this is sacred healing work that will take time and I will dedicate myself to the best of my ability to the journey of wholeness.

I understand that Neuro sessions (Z-Health) are brain-focused sessions designed to deepen the brain’s sense of safety in order to decrease pain, improve movement, maximize performance and avoid injury. I understand there is a lot to learn about a brain-focused approach to fitness, nutrition, cognition, behavior and health including, but not limited to, the integration of proprioceptive, visual and vestibular inputs, as well as brain processing and interpretation as a means to personalize results. I am open to integrating this approach into fitness, yoga and nutrition sessions when necessary and/or I agree to engage in separate Neuro focused sessions to resolve specific health, sport, or functional goals.

I understand that the function of nutritional counseling, fitness training, neuro-centric drills, yoga and behavioral change is not intended to cure, treat, or heal any disease state, and that restoring health is an individual matter and may require various approaches due to the fact that services provided by Whole Life Health are based upon scientific principles and knowledge that are constantly being modernized and revised. I understand that emergent data and ongoing continuation of education is a primary directive of Whole Life Health to offer you the most current and effective tools for healing.

Payment for Services Agreement

I consent to accept and pay in advance* for the services of Whole Life Health executed by Missi Bantner involving nutritional therapy, fitness training, yoga, Neuro and the implementation of behavioral change for the purposes of improving my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

*I understand payment plans are available for packages of 8 or more and I agree to comply with the agreed upon terms of such customized payment plans.

I understand there is a 24-hour cancellation policy. I understand if I am unable to comply with this policy I will be charged for the session.

I understand that I have twelve months from the date of purchase to redeem my private sessions, wherein the sessions will be rendered expired.

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