Nutrition Therapy

Most people who find me are at a personal breaking point with their health – in describing their relationship with food, fitness and themselves they most often use these descriptors:

  • I feel guilty, confused, frustrated, hopeless, lost
  • I’m afraid my body is too damaged to heal and I’ll never find peace
  • I’m afraid I’m not good enough, not skinny enough, not disciplined enough
  • I struggle with a love-hate relationship toward food, fitness, and myself
  • I feel helpless and disconnected; scared to try anything new

If this resonates…I hear you.

These beautiful, hurting people are drawn to Whole Life Health because the process is rooted in love and support, which is what they are really craving.

Something deep within them resonates with the truth of my mission ~ that you can heal, that you are already whole, that you are worth the time and energy it takes to discover yourself and change your life, that all of the answers you seek are already inside of you.

Our work together will be like learning a new language; one that helps you connect to the signals of your body, your mind, your emotions, and your spirit. As you develop this language you will become fluent in Yourself and meeting your needs for all kinds of nourishment will become second nature.

Yes, there will be work.

Yes, it will take some time.

There will definitely be laughter and there will probably be tears. As you grow, there will be moments of recognition so mind blowing they will crack you wide open to possibilities of which you’ve only dreamed.

Ready to Get Started?

Nutritional Therapy Exploration

Develop Awareness of your Patterns

Understand the impact on your emotions

Follow the RECHARGE process

Clean up and customize

This work is sacred and it is extremely customized. It literally unfolds before us as you do the work of implementing the tools and as I do the work of listening deeply and reflecting what I hear with Love and Curiosity.

In order to feel focused in our work, together we follow a set of guiding principles that is easily navigated by the acronym RECHARGE. Each letter represents an important piece of our work and your development into a whole, healthy, thriving being.

R – Readiness “willingness, action, cheerful consent”

E – Emerge “to come forth into view; out of hiding”

C – Curiosity “the desire to learn and know”

H – Honesty “freedom from deceit or fraud; truthfulness”

A – Awareness “the state of being conscious; alert and awakened to what is”

R – Respect “to show regard, honor, and consideration for”

G – Gratitude “a quality of grace, humility, and grateful ness”

E – Energy “a powerful, yet subtle quality flowing through all of us and connecting everything”

The first two steps begin with you: Are you Ready to Emerge?

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