MIT Workouts

(Metabolic Interval Training)

In today’s workout, we honor the giant snow storm that came through earlier this week and slow things down with a strength focused workout. Feel free to tailor all aspects to fit your energy (I realize not everyone had to shovel 2-3 feet of snow!).

3 sets x 45 seconds work : 20 seconds transition. You’ll need 2 dumbbells and a mat. Enjoy!

Strength and coordination come together in today’s workout. Take your time, focus on form and breathe in synchrony with your movement.

3 sets x 40 seconds of work : 20 seconds of transition. You’ll need a couple of dumbbells and a mat if you workout on a hard surface. Enjoy!

This workout will take you through one round of simple exercises to prime the brain and body.

In rounds 2 and 3, we combine those exercises to create complex patterns that ignite coordination to give you a great total body workout – plus you’ll learn a new way to bring groceries into the house!

You’ll need 2 dumbbells and a mat if you’re on a hard surface. Enjoy!

Cardio Today! This classic tournament style circuit takes four body weight cardio exercises and weaves them into a great, quick workout.

You’ll need your body and some water. Enjoy!

In this bodyweight cardio workout, we move through a warm up round followed by 3 rounds of focused intervals.

During each round the speed and/or intensity of the exercise increases every 20 seconds. As rounds progress, the interval time decreases so that the final round is a series of 20 second sprints! Get your sweat towels and water bottles ready ~ Enjoy!

Oh my gosh, you guys ~ this is a good one!

9 minute light cardio warm-up, into 5 exercises set in a 20:10 pattern. All you need is your body, water and some mental focus. Enjoy!

Today’s workout takes us through 3 rounds of total body exercises with an emphasis on core! Each round will add a layer of complexity or challenge to each exercise. You can opt to progress to any level for any round to customize this workout.

You’ll need 2 dumbbells and a mat. Enjoy!

Another awesome 20:10 cardio workout!

5 new moves weaved in between a nice warm-up and blessed cool down. This is a challenging workout (in the BEST way) and one you’ll return to for it’s quick, effective layout. Enjoy!

In this workout, we depart from the cardio moves and just focus on strength. Our set up is slightly different, which offers the brain and body a new stimulus as well.

You’ll need 2 dumbbells and a mat. Enjoy!

This gentle floor yoga routine is the perfect remedy to a stiff, achy body. Whether you’re just waking up, have been sitting at your desk all day, or are ready to ease yourself into bed you’ll appreciate the massive benefits from such a quick and simple practice. Namaste!