Let’s Connect

Embark on your journey today.

When you change how you show up in the world you begin to understand the ripple effect self-care creates in other areas of your life.

What to expect:

We’ll begin with an email to schedule a discovery call – on the call we will learn if we are a good fit and if the timing for our work is right.

Next, we’ll schedule our first session – if you’re not 100% certain about the process let’s meet for a complimentary consultation. Your investment of time, energy, and funds is important to you – and it is to me, too.

Sessions may be in person at my private studio in Littleton, Colorado:

5912 S. Cody Street, Unit 113,
Littleton, CO 80123

*Please wear a face mask to enter the building and our office space. Customized session protocol is provided to ensure safety and ease of all clients. Strict cleaning protocols are in place prior to each client session.

Or we may choose to meet virutally for convenience, safety, proximity, or time constraints via Zoom, Skype, Vsee, or FaceTime.

Reach out with questions.


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