Most people who find me have tried every fitness fad out there. They are worn out, burned out and overwhelmed with the confusion around fitness, weight loss and pain relief. Some are at a personal breaking point with their health – in describing their relationship with food, fitness and themselves they most often use these descriptors:

  • I’m afraid my body is too damaged to heal – that I’ve pushed it too far, too many times
  • I feel confused, frustrated, hopeless, lost, scared to try anything new
  • I experience a love-hate relationship with food, fitness, and myself
  • I feel helpless and disconnected – I’m afraid I’ll never find peace, afraid I’m not good enough, not skinny enough, not in control enough

Sound familiar?

Some of them are struggling with stubborn weight gain or a nagging injury that just won’t go away, while others are bored, not knowing how to infuse inspiration and engagement into their fitness routine.

Maybe you, like many of my clients, have only known fitness as demanding, brutally tough, painful, and intense. Maybe you, too, are terrified of rest and recovery – afraid if you take a day off you’ll gain weight.

You’ve probably been taught “no pain, no gain” is the only way – and it’s possible you’ve been injured or let down by that way of thinking.

It’s not your fault.

You have simply never been told it’s okay – no, vital – to listen to your body. You have probably never been taught how the brain and body speak to each of us in a unique language, clearly pointing us in the direction of stress reduction that leads to weight loss, improved strength, less pain, and outstanding performance in sports, activities, and daily life.

The clients I work with are ready to try something new – to learn the language of their body in order to develop lasting health and sustainable fitness. They’re ready to enjoy movement and engage in their favorite activities. 

They are looking for clear, focused, and detailed work that is customized and progresses over time to help them achieve their goals and feel confident again.

Maybe you are too…

My role is to help bridge the gap between what your brain is trying to say and what you “think” you need to do to get fit or avoid pain. I will teach you to re-learn the language of your brain and body so you can translate exactly what is needed during each workout and during any phase of life.

Yes, there is work.

Yes, you will sweat.

Yes, you will be uncomfortable as you break old habits. And yes, you will have to focus and concentrate in order to build healthier ones. But in the end, you’ll know whether to push hard, to back off, or to do something in between – and the results will come because of your willingness to heal your relationship with your body. I will guide you through this process of learning and unlearning. As you become more fluent in your brain and body signals you’ll be able to lead your body to achievable, sustainable fitness and health – and you’ll have fun doing it!

Ready to Get Started?

Fitness Exploration

Learn to breathe properly

Engage in movement primers

Master basic movement patterns

Develop your fitness protocol

This knowledge will give you an edge no one else has. You will know how to move competently and because of this, you will become more mobile, balanced, powerful, strong, and resilient. If you desire greater autonomy in your long-term fitness endeavors, our work will teach you how to become the expert of your own life.  

Our work begins by following foundational principles of Z-Health Performance Solutions and my own customized process for teaching you to integrate the breath with muscle engagement, which maximizes your neuro- & bio-mechanic focus, stability, coordination, and strength during our exercises.

Z-Health Performance Solutions is a brain-based approach to fitness. By understanding how your brain perceives movement we can unlock the hidden reasons you “get only so far” in all your fitness endeavors, or why you can’t seem to bust through that weight loss hurdle, or why you keep re-injuring yourself.

It’s not rocket science ~ it’s neuroscience. And it’s one of the most important tools I can teach you for decreasing stress, reducing pain, avoiding injury, and maximizing your fitness and performance for the rest of your life.    

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