Fitness Training

Private and Group Fitness

For Missi, sharing her love of training the body and mind while working closely with clients towards physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transformation is a delight and a reward of its own.

During customized in-home fitness training – typically 30-60 minutes – you’ll work out with your equipment or Missi’s in private sessions designed precisely with your personal goals in mind. Or invite a few friends to share the cost and maximize the fun and the power of a group!

Personalized Fitness Programming –
4 – 12 Week Programs

For individuals advanced in their fitness training, capable of following written guides and maintaining immaculate form, these programs are a fantastic way to refresh your workouts! Customized fitness programming gives you full training sessions to use at home or at a fitness club.

Corporate Wellness

Raise Morale. Reduce Sick Days. Reward Your Employees.

In the workplace, Missi brings her strong self-awareness and joy of working with groups to single sessions or weekly/monthly sessions. The approach she advocates is designed to bring your employees to a place of harmony and health and reduce workplace stress, absenteeism and insurance costs.

Do You Have a Gym Available?

Held at a company’s facility, Missi will train in a gym-ready area with equipment or she’ll transform corporate meeting space into a “gym” complete with her own equipment. Often corporate training is most effective when combined with Missi’s nutrition series and/or a group discussion addressing the mind/body connection.

Corporate Series Include:

4-Week Nutrition Series: “Breaking Free From Diet Dogma”

4-Week Stress Reduction Series: “Real World Strategies to Find Peace and Balance in Business”

6-Week Yoga Beginner Series: “Find Life Alignment by Building Strength, Balance and Flexibility”

6-Week Progressive Yoga Series for Intermediate Yogis: “Building Balance”, “Inversions”, and “Vinyasa Free Flow”.

6-Week Ski Conditioning Series: “Make This Year Your Season to Beat the Burn!”

Interested in Fitness Training with Missi?

“Learn to be the expert of your own life.”

Missi Bantner
Personalized Fitness & Nutrition Therapy