Fitness Training

Private Fitness

For Missi, sharing her love of training the body and mind while working closely with clients towards physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transformation is a delight and a reward of its own.

During your customized fitness training session – typically 50 minutes – you’ll work out with Missi at Paragon Fitness, a state of the art movement gym located in Littleton, CO. Each private session is designed precisely with your personal goals in mind. Visit Paragon Fitness Facebook Page, here.

Personalized Fitness Programming

Personalized fitness programming is the perfect way to keep your workouts fresh and challenging. No need to be local – Missi designs custom workouts and fitness programs for people worldwide.

This option is ideal for clients who:

  • Are unable to meet in person, yet desire a customized program to maintain or improve fitness
  • Have a working knowledge of proper form for most basic exercise movements
  • Are looking to advance their training, increase complexity in movement patterns, and/or progress their fitness
  • Have access to a home gym or local fitness center (minimal equipment necessary)
  • Are capable of following written guideline for exercise execution and form cues (some videos available).

Whether you simply need one new workout to incorporate into the mix or you desire a 12-week goal specific program complete with a progressive exercise calendar tailored to your schedule, customized fitness programming gives you full training sessions to use at home or at a fitness club.

Interested in Fitness Training with Missi?

“Learn to be the expert of your own life.”

Missi Bantner
Personalized Fitness & Nutrition Therapy