Emotional Freedom Experience

People who engage in emotional freedom experiences are current clients who have committed to work with me in nutrition therapy, fitness, neuro or yoga. They have come up against emotional pain, old patterns, and negative scripts that seem to be blocking their breakthroughs.

Feelings are emotions being expressed through sensations in your body – that is why they are called feelings. When we decide (or are taught to believe) that certain emotions are unacceptable they get stifled, stuffed, and stored.

As you develop self-awareness, you begin to understand how past experiences of shame, trauma, self-deprecating scripts, and limiting beliefs about yourself have led to an “emotional weight gain” that has left you feeling heavy, unmotivated, stuck, overwhelmed, insecure, chaotic, depressed and anxious. 

Emotional Freedom Experience Exploration

Identify your patterns

Understand your experience

Breathe, Move, and Release

Complete the stress cycle

Together we create a safe space to explore these blockages. Using powerfully sequenced modalities such as landing in your body, focused breath work, rhythmic movement, self-empathy, physical touch, creative expression, and visualization we aim to move these energetic blockages out of the body’s tissues.

The process restores equanimity of body, mind, and spirit by completing the stress cycle. It gives you the tools to know how to release stress and identify patterns that no longer serve you so you can experience emotional freedom, joy, success, and peace no matter what is happening in life.

The work is powerful. It is transformational. It is freeing and it is available to you ~ I am here to guide you when you are ready.

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