missi bantner

Fitness & Nutrition Therapist

As a health & fitness professional, I combine several modalities to create a customized experience for my clients. My own journey to wholeness has contributed to the creation of my unique approach to fitness, nutrition, brain health, mindfulness, spirituality, and ultimately,  Whole Life Health.

Care and nourishment for the mind, soul, and physical body must be interwoven if genuine fitness, health, and happiness are to be achieved long term.

My work aims to free clients of their past fitness and diet dogmas – away from feelings of being stuck or not good enough – and towards a higher realm of self-care, strength, gentleness, peace, and joy.

I invite clients to reflect on their whole self through mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical exercise and nutrition principles, to develop a customized health profile that fits each person’s unique phase of life.

Current Credentials

I bring to my practice personal breakthroughs in the area of mind-body connection and a passion for learning, growth, contribution and connection that has led me to acquire these respected credentials:

  • S. Health and Exercise Science, Health Promotion from Colorado State University
  • National Strength & Conditioning Association, Certified Personal Trainer
  • 200-Hour Yoga Works Instructor Training Certificate
  • Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, Nutrition Therapy Institute
  • Master Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, Nutrition Therapy Institute
  • Postural Precision Movement Level 1, Aspen Core Fitness
  • TRX Suspension Training Certified, Fitness Anywhere
  • CTT, Certified Turbulence Trainer, Turbulence Training
  • Movement Re-education and Integration Specialist (EEP, R-Phase, I-Phase), Z-Health Performance Solutions
  • Exercise Therapist (T-Phase), Z-Health Performance Solutions
  • CPR and AED Certified, American Heart Association


My goals are simple – I am growth-oriented, curious as all get out, and driven to understand the Why and How things are the way they are. I strive to be in the top 1% of my field and as a commitment to that process, I study, learn and apply what I discover. In the search for deeper understanding, I engage in continuing education programs that not only include emergent, cutting edge science but are also rooted in ancient spiritual wisdom, and holistic modalities for healing.