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Heal your relationship with yourself through healing your relationship with food and fitness...

Our in-depth sessions guide your personal journey of self-discovery and healing using food and fitness as our avenues into cognitive awareness, intuition, and the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit to create whole-life transformation.

Begin your journey.

Changing your lifestyle can be challenging, not because it’s impossible, but rather because it requires commitment and responsibility from the person making the change. It requires a willingness to be open to having new experiences, a curiosity for what is possible, and a desire to develop new habits and skills over time. Success requires consistent learning and unlearning ~ how will you begin your journey of success?

I founded Whole Life Health to help women heal their relationship with themselves by healing their relationship with food and fitness.

Through my own journey of healing and self-discovery, I realized we all have the answers we seek right inside of us yet we are so often overwhelmed by conflicting, external information that it can feel impossible to know what to do.

Our quest to become more educated in what will make us healthy, fit and happy is a noble one. I applaud everyone who desires to be better today than they were yesterday.

But so often in that search, we become saturated, confused, and anxious by all of the contrary data. We loathe the idea of starting another diet trend or fitness fad, but something inside us is more afraid of not trying something.

We become addicted to the latest and greatest trend.

That thin line between desperation and hope drives us to try again and again… but many times we are left eventually feeling worse, being heavier, getting injured, or finding ourselves sicker as a result of such erratic behavior. 

Then comes the shame. The self-doubt. The frustration. The desperation … and the cycle continues. You may at this point feel broken. You may feel totally exhausted. You may feel completely stuck. I’ve been right where you are.

I have felt the fear and hopelessness that comes with another “failed” diet or fitness program. I, too, have felt trapped by the cycle and I’m here to tell you there is a way out.

To get out, we must go in. Instead of focusing on the "what" – what to eat and what to do – we’ll begin with the "why".

  • Why do you eat? …why don’t you eat?
  • Why do you push your body so hard? …why do you avoid movement?  
  • Why do you sabotage your efforts? …why do you ignore your own body?
  • Why don’t you trust yourself? …why are you holding back on your health? In your relationships? In your work? In your life?

I was my own first client. My success story is real, it ‘s ongoing and it is brilliant! For almost two decades I’ve been guiding clients to create their own success stories.

Success is available for you, too. Your goals and dreams matter. You matter.

The principles of Whole Life Health will make your journey smoother, your path clearer, your desired lifestyle attainable.

  • You will learn to break free from the cycle of self-abuse that has become your reality. You will become the expert of your own life.
  • You will feel empowered, enlightened, and enabled.
  • You will be able to discern what is beneficial for you and what is not.

And you will be amazed at how beautiful the process can be when you are guided with Love, Compassion, and Curiosity for the Innate Intelligence that is already in you. 

Our work attracts individuals who are ready to become the expert of their own lives so they can fully experience true health, vitality, fitness, and peace. Through a balance of science-based practices and principles steeped in wisdom, we marry the intellect with the intuitive. The ripple effect of growth and change that occurs dives so much deeper than the physical realm and extends far beyond the self, but healing from the inside out is critical to experiencing wholeness, health, and fitness that lasts; so that is where our journey together begins.


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