Everything meaningful in life comes from a place of love – Curiosity, Honesty, Awareness, Respect, Gratitude, Energy.

After years of being completely disconnected from her body’s needs, Missi’s profound realization is that care and nourishment for the mind, soul and physical body must be interwoven if genuine strength, health and happiness are to be achieved.

She brings to her practice personal breakthroughs in the area of mind/body connection, as well as many respected credentials in order to help clients take C.H.A.R.G.E of their lives.


Health Gain vs. Weight Loss

Missi’s programs aim to free clients of their past fitness and diet dogmas – away from feelings of being stuck or not good enough – and towards a higher realm of self-care, strength, peace and joy. Missi invites clients to reflect on their whole body through mental, emotional, spiritual and physical exercise and nutrition, to develop a health profile that fits each person’s unique phase of life.

One-on-One Online Transformation Course

This in-depth program guides your personal journey of self-discovery, healing and whole-life transformation.


You and Missi will work one-on-one to assess your life – struggles, triumphs and your level of openness to change.


Develop a love of training working with Missi towards physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transformation.


Missi’s positive spirit and vast knowledge and passion gives the audience the power to realize the potential of their own lives.